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Postdoctoral Scholar Position -- Machine Learning for Equitable Genomic Medicine

The biomedical data science lab ( at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is looking for highly motivated candidates for a Postdoctoral Scholar position. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop innovative machine learning strategies for equitable genomic medicine. Our goal is to prevent or reduce new health disparities arising from biomedical data inequality by obtaining key knowledge and creating open resources to establish a new paradigm for machine learning with multiethnic biomedical data. For more information about the scientific premise and rationale for this research program, please see our pilot study paper (Deep transfer learning for reducing health care disparities arising from biomedical data inequality).

This position is funded by an NIH R01 grant.


Located in Memphis, USA, a dynamic city rich in culture, history, diversity, music, and cuisine, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive academic health centers in the United States with a solid commitment to postdoctoral training. This position includes an excellent benefits package.

HOW TO APPLY: Please send your CV to Dr. Yan Cui (


06/04/2024 A new paper "Optimizing clinico-genomic disease prediction across ancestries: a machine learning strategy with Pareto improvement" was published in Genome Medicine

01/21/2024 Preeti joined our lab. Welcome, Preeti!

04/27/2023 A review paper "Addressing the Challenge of Biomedical Data Inequality: An Artificial Intelligence Perspective" was published in Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science

04/17/2023 Sandeep Kumar joined our lab. Welcome, Sandeep!